Financial Support | Tips & Questions

In Nijmegen there are a couple of places you can go to for advice and help with money, debts or financial rules. Where? You will read more about it in this text.

Are you new in Nijmegen and do you not yet speak the language (well enough)? You can go to VWN in Nijmegen.

When you do speak the language (well enough) and you do not have a contact person from VWN, always visit a STIP in your neighbourhood for questions. At the STIP there are different people working from Inter-lokaal or the municipality (sociale raadslieden). They can answer your questions or help you with applications for extra budgets. They also know the right organisations to help you with money problems.

When you need practical help, you can also try to arrange this online. When you have questions, you can go to the Facebook group Refugees the Netherlands Nijmegen.

Advice about money

Managing your money in the right way is not always easy in The Netherlands. There are a lot of small rules and extra available budgets. Especially with a low income it is important to spend your money wisely.

Here you will find some important tips to help you:
⇒ Make an overview of the money you get every month. Do not spend too much money.
Always open the letters in your mailbox (also online). If you do not understand the letters, ask for help.
⇒ Save all the information and letters with the costs of your healthcare, medicine, glasses, insurances and study. You will need this information for the yearly tax-declaration to get some tax returned.
⇒ Be careful with buying things that you have to pay for later. The rent can be really high.
⇒ When you want a new abonnement, sign the contract only when you know what the real costs are (also long term). You will find this in the small letters of the contract.
⇒ On the website of the NIBUD (the National Institute of Budget coaching) you will find usefully information about managing your money. The NIBUD gives you all kinds of information like the costs of studying and the pros and cons of borrowing money. They also have easy tools to manage your budget.