Language requirements and Preparations to study in Netherlands

If you want to study in The Netherlands, your Dutch and English should be of a high enough level. The level differs between each study. Your language level should fit your study. Always contact the educational institute which provides the study and get to know which language requirements you have to meet.

Which study are you going to choose?

Are you not sure yet what you want to study? We offer you more information on different levels of education and choosing a study.
VWNUAF and Werkbedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen can also help you choosing the right study for you.

Language requirement

If you want to follow a study at MBO level, HBO level or university level, you might have to do staatsexamen NT2. You will do this instead of the language exam that is part of Integration (A2). You wil have to choose between Programma I and II, both part of the state exam. You will find more information on the language exams on the Integration page.

For higher education in English you will need a certificate, such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge, in most cases. These exams will determine your level of English. You will need to do an exam in order to receive a certificate.
⇒ Ask the educational institute whether you need a certificate. UAF can give you advice on how to get your certificate.
⇒ In Nijmegen you can follow free English classes with Gezellig.
You can practice your speech skills during one of the meetings hosted by Language Exchange.

Check the requirements set up by the educational institute

When you have made a decision on what you’re going to study, always contact the educational institute which provides that study, and check what language requirements they have. The language requirements vary per study programme. The educational institute will give you advice. De educational institute can also tell you on which date you have to hand in your diploma of the exam. In most cases, you are required to do before your study start. You can already register for a study before you receive your diploma.

Sign up for a study

The deadline for signing up is different for each study. Ask the educational institute for an application-deadline. In most cases, you have to register before the 1st of April or the 1st of May, prior to the start of the new school year. The schoolyear usually starts after the summer holiday; the end of August or the start of September. Some studies will have higher requirements when it comes to applying. If so, you will need to apply before the 1st of January.

More information

UAF can give you advice on the language level required and how you can achieve it. The UAF cannot help everyone. You can submit an application, and the UAF will decide who will receive its help and who do not. Please read the terms and conditions. On this page you can do a scan to check if you would be able to get support from UAF.
More information about the NT2-exam
⇒ More information about mbo, hbo and university levels and the pre-requisitory study you need to complete.


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