Do you have your own accommodation? In the Netherlands everyone can decide which company he/she chooses to deliver energy- and Wi-Fi (and TV-) connection. Most contracts for energy, Wi-Fi or TV last for one year. After that you can chose to switch to another provider. Comparing the costs can be difficult. Ask for help at Vluchtelingenwerk, STIP or someone you know when you do not know which abonnement you should choose. Do you have your own accommodation? 

In most cases, when you first sign up for energy, water and wifi, a volunteer from Vluchtelingenwerk will help you. Also at a later moment, you can go to the consultation hour from Vluchtelingenwerk if you have questions.   

Never sign a new contract when you are not sure if you can directly stop your old contract. It could be that you have to pay for two contracts, while you only need one. In some cases salesmen will try to make you sign for a second contract. Never do this!

Regel energie via netbeheer om te wonen in uw huis

Liander is the general network operator in Nijmegen. They are the owner of the meters. An energycontract is not necessarily with Liander. There are different companies with different prices.

Sometimes someone from the energy provider will come to your house to measure how much energy you have used during the year. Always ask for an ID or passport and check if this person is from your energy provider. 

Arranging water in your house

Regel water in uw huis om te wonenVitens is the company that delivers water in the Nijmegen region. You sign up as a new customer online. When you sign up you inform them about thestart value of the water meter. Vitens will estimate how much water you will use. You will pay a certain amount of money based on this estimation. Afterwards Vitens calculates how much water you have used. Based on this you will have to pay more or less in the next year. When you have used more or less than the estimation you will get money back or pay extra. 

Arranging energy (gas and electricity) in your house 

Also for energy (like gas and electricity) you choose the provider you want. Comparing prices is possible on this site.

You sign up with a provider that suits your wishes. Also here you have to provide the start value of your energy meter. Most houses have a small cupboard with meters. Here you can check the numbers. Sometimes (part of) your energy and water costs are included in your housing contract. 

Just like your water company, your energy provider will estimate the amount of energy you will use. You will pay a certain amount of money for this. Afterwards the provider will calculate how much you have used and whether or not you have to pay more or less in the future. Sometimes you have to pay extra or get money back.  

Arranging internet: WIFI & TV

Cheap internet providers have contracts that start at 25 euros per month. With this connection you can also watch TV. With an IPTV-box you can watch many different TV-channels using only your internet connection. You can compare different internet subscriptions with different websites. Internetvergelijk is one of these websites.