VluchtelingenWerk Nijmegen, what can they do for you as a newcomer? U will read about it here. VluchtelingenWerk is also happy with new volunteers, but only if you are not a client of them yourself anymore and you speak the language well. Below you will find an overview of what VWN can do in Nijmegen.

VluchtelingenWerk Nijmegen (VWN) in the AZC

Do you live in an asylum seeking centre (AZC) in Nijmegen? In AZC Stieltjesstraat or at the Dommer van Poldersveldtweg? Then you can visit VWN-volunteers for:

  • Information and support during your asylum procedure
    How will the procedure look like, what are the different organisations?
  • Individual support
    Like being in touch with your lawyer, prepare you for interviews, support with collecting evidence and more.
  • Information and support with family reunion
    VWN provides information about when and how to request family reunion, for who and what you need for that?
  • Individual support at family reunion
    Like doing the official request and contact with IND.

Also the VWN-employees can help with questions about returning to your country of origin, or migrating to another country.

VluchtelingenWerk Nijmegen (Ganzenheuvel)

Do you live in Nijmegen or will you live in Nijmegen? For people with a refugee background, VWN will provide the following help:

Societal Support

  • Housing
    If you receive a house for the first time from leaving the AZC in Nijmegen, you will receive help from VWN with:
    – Looking at the house and signing the rental contract
    – Registering at the municipality and apply for the social benefits (uitkering)
    – Arranging the loan for your furniture and essential equipment
    – And more …
  • Coach
    A VWN volunteer can help you 8-12 months with arranging things, for example with:
    – Living: gas, light, water, internet
    – Finances: DigiD, toeslagen, insurances
    – Care: family practitioner (doctor), dentist, care for children (consultatiebureau)
    – Education: inburgering, school for the children
    Also you can ask questions about living in The Netherlands. He or she can explain things, or think with you. You yourself make appointments about how much you will see the coach. This can take place in the VWN office, or sometimes at your own house.
  • Spreekuur Information and Advice
    When you do not have a contact person (anymore), you are still able to ask questions on the consulting hour (spreekuur). You can go there without making an appointment. These questions have to handle issues about being new in The Netherlands, or being a refugee. .If you need an interpretor to ask a question, you are also allowed to ask more general questions.
    Ganzenheuvel 56, in het centre of Nijmegen
    – monday 13.00 – 15.00 o’clock
    – wednesday 10.00 – 12.00 o’clock
    – thursday 13.00 -15.00 o’clock

Juridicial Support

VWN can support you with:

  • Information about Ramily Reunion and Starting a Family and your Stay
    For who can you ask family reunion, what do you need and more. Also if the IND withdraws your permit or does not prolong it, you can ask for support. Also when there are problems with naturalisation.
  • Individual Support
    Think about requesting, being in touch with IND, help with complaints.

Participation / Integration

In Nijmegen there are several initiatives to support you while you are integrating in the Dutch society. Often different organisations work together in this effort.

VluchtelingenWerk plays a role in the following initiatives:

  • Netwerkbuddy
    To integrate well into The Netherlands, you need people that can support you. A network. A network buddy can help you find a network. With him or her, you can work together to find work, educastion or other activities. For example a language internship, voluntary work, visiting companies or tak with a student who studies in your desired field.
  • Trajectregie
    In Nijmegen there are ‘trajectregisseurs’. A few of them are based at VluchtelingenWerk. They will invite you to talk about integration, inburgering, work, education and care for your family.
    – You will make together a plan about what you want to achieve in The Netherlands and which steps are necessary to take to achieve that (together with your coach).
    – You will be in touch regularly, also after the first year in Nijmegen.
    – The trajectregisseur stimulates you to do as much as you can yourself, they started working in 2017.
  • Inburgering
    VluchtelingenWerk is in Nijmegen one of the offerers of official inburgering courses (funded by DUO).
  • Participatieverklarings-traject
    Newcomers in Nijmegen sign the participatieverklaring. VWN is one of the offerers of workshops around this signing. There you will talk together about the Dutch core values: freedom, equality, solidarity and participation. Together you will also discuss different topics. This is obligated from july 2017.

Support to People who did not Receive the Status to Stay

Vluchtelingenwerk offers under conditions support to people without a permit to stay:

  • Emergency shelter
    For example if you can wait for the decision in The Netherlands but at the same time you do not receive money to live from. Also it can be a situation where you cooperate to travelling back to your country of origin, but it takes longer to make that happen.
  • Juridicial support
    You can check with your contact person if you have a chance to start another asylum procedure or if there are any other ways to receive the permit.
  • Travel back to your country of origin
    Information about returning, support with taking the decision. If you return, you will receive support from VWN with all emotional and practical things. The consulting hours about these topics are:
    Ganzenheuvel 56, in het centrum van Nijmegen
    – tuesdays 10.00 – 12.00 o’clock
    – friday 10.00 – 12.00 o’clock

Locations VluchtelingenWerk

Centraal Kantoor Nijmegen
Ganzenheuvel 56

6511 WD Nijmegen
E nijmegen@vwon.nl
T 024-3221177

AZC Stieltjesstraat
Stieltjesstraat 2
6511 AC Nijmegen
E azcstieltjesstraat@vluchtelingenwerk.nl
T 024-6793638

AZC Nijmegen-Oost
Dommer van Poldersveldtweg 112, gebouw A
6523 DC Nijmegen
E azcnijmegen@vwon.nl
T 020-3649596