Logeerregeling | Living outside AZC for refugees in the Netherlands

Logeerregeling | Living outside AZC for refugees in the Netherlands.

Do you live in the AZC? And do you have a residence permit? Did you know that you can also wait for an accommodation outside of the AZC? COA calls this the ‘logeerregeling’. With this arrangement you can live in with someone in their house. COA supports this. You will keep your weekly living money and your rights from COA while you wait for your house. Because you do not live in a COA-location, you will receive an amount of extra living money for extra costs. 

When you decide to live with someone outside of COA, it is important that you arrange this officially with COA. When you officially make use of the logeerregeling, you will still be insured by COA. You are also entitled to some extra weekly living money from COA. You receive €100,- extra each week. You can use this money to give to the people you are living with. To use the logeerregeling COA has a couple of rules.

Rules of Logeerregeling to live outside AZC

You have to:
⇒ have a residence permit
⇒ have a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer – BSN)
⇒ be 21 years or older
⇒ be registered by the municipality of the person/family you are staying with
⇒ have had a conversation with COA about getting a house

Also you need to:
⇒ check-in regularly, mostly weekly, at a COA-location
⇒ before the regulation finishes (3 months) you have to tell COA you will come back to the AZC by sending them a form.

Do you want to arrange living outside the AZC with the Logeerregeling?

Discuss this well with the COA-staff from your location.

⇒ It is important that you are not in need of important medical treatments
⇒ Do you have kids? Your kids are obliged to go to school. You can only stay at a guest-house near the school of your children.
⇒ If you do not have kids, you can also live outside of the municipality of your own AZC.
BE CAREFUL: it does NOT give you the right to social housing in this municipality. Only when you find a job during this period you can ask the municipality for a change of municipality.
⇒ You can use the logeerregeling for 3 months. After that you have to go back to the AZC. You can contact COA to see if you can extend this period. The logeerregeling is only valid until COA finds an accommodationfor you.
⇒ When you stay at the place of someone else, it is important that you go to COA once a week to report yourself. Are you staying in a different municipality? It is also possible to report yourself to COA in a different municipality. Communicate this with your own AZC!

How do I find a host to live with?

You can stay with friends or family in your municipality. To get to know people that maybe have a free room to host you, you can also:
Wonen via takecarebnb in overleg met coa⇒ Look for a host-family through the takecarebnb website . You can register yourself with this organisation. This website makes matches for a host address that suits you.
⇒ Look for a host address by posting your question on the Refugees the Netherlands Nijmegen groep on Facebook. Newcomers and people from Nijmegen post daily messages here to get in touch with each other.

When you have find a host address it is important that you sign this form to arrange the logeerregeling. You fill in this form together with you people from your host address.

Do you want to temporarily offer a room to someone?

Is someone coming to live with you? If so, someone with a residence permit will temporarily but officially stay at your address. Because he/she is not staying at a COA-location, he/she will some extra living money every month. With this money he/she can possibly contribute to the costs you make or the income you will miss because of discount on surcharges.

More information about the logeerregeling.

Register at takecarebnb to make a match possible or post your free room in the Yalla facebookgroup Refugees in Netherlands Nijmegen..