‘Uitkering’ Social benefits in Netherlands and Duties

The Netherlands is a country with good social services. One of the facilities is the “uitkering”. All people who can not work or are not able to earn their income fully, could receive an “uitkering”. The Dutch government pays this, from the money of the taxes they receive from all working people.

The “Uitkering” is temporarily

The ‘uitkering’ is always temporarily. As soon as you can earn money yourself, you have to do this. Also if it is not a fulltime job. The money you will earn, is taken from your “uitkering”.

WerkBedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen

Do you live in one of the following municipalities: Nijmegen, Wijchen, Druten, Beuningen, Heumen, Mook en Middelaar or Berg en Dal and do you receive the “uitkering”? After a while you will receive an invitation for an intake at WerkBedrijf. WerkBedrijf coaches people with an uitkering to work and discusses with you what to do to find work. If you receive an invitation, you are obliged to show up.

What do you have to do if you receive the ‘Uitkering’ ?

  • If the municipality or WerkBedrijf invites you, you are obliged to come.
  • If something changes in your situation, or you have earned money, you have to report it directly at your municipality.

Which consequences the changes have on your income, depends on your personal situation. On the following page you will find more information on the ‘Uitkering and earning extra money’ (with examples) and more information on why and how you have to report changes. Do you still have questions? Here you will find the contact data of the municipalities in the area of Nijmegen.

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