The basic insurance doesn’t cover all medical costs. For example: physiotherapy and dental care are usually not covered, or only very limited. In order to get (part of) these costs covered, many people choose to have extra care insurance(s). This is called supplementary insurance, in Dutch: ‘aanvullende zorgverzekering’. For dental care there are specific dental insurances, in Dutch: ‘tandartsverzekering’.

Many health care costs are covered by the basic health insurance: all visits to the family doctor (huisarts), care for kids, and many special care costs (after you paid the mandatory excess (own risk – eigen risico)). But not everything!!
Contraceptives, like the pill, physiotherapy, homeopathic treatments, and much more types of special care, can be insured with an extra health insurance.

Extra Health Insurance

Supplementary insurances cover care costs that are not covered within the basic insurance (which is the same for all people). For example: physiotherapy or homeopathic treatments. You can choose from various packages that cover different types of medical care. You’ll pay an extra premium each month. It is a free market, you can choose which insurance you think is best for you (and want to pay for). So you can adapt it to the extra health care (you expect) you’ll need.

>> The (mandatory) excess doesn’t apply for the costs covered by the supplementary insurance <<

Dental Insurance

A dental insurance covers dental care, like the appointments with the dentist. There’s a variety of options, from basic packages to insurances that cover all dental care. The monthly premium varies according to the coverage. Usually, an annual maximum is set, meaning that the dental care that is covered is limited up to for example €250,- or €500,-. Some insurances make you pay for 25% of all treatments yourself. Make sure to get properly informed about the terms of your insurance!

Free to Choose

You can choose which additional insurances you want or need, and it can even be at a different health insurance companies.

Note: Check coverage
Always check at your doctor or dentists if the treatments they advice you, are covered within your basic or additional package! This will prevent you from financial surprises. However, try to have the proposed treatments executed. Your health is most important.

Note: Collective insurance (CAZ)
The municipality of Nijmegen has a collective supplementary insurance (CAZ) for people with a low income (total money from income, social benefits, retirement and study finances). They will pay a small part of the premium.

⇒ Download registration form
⇒ You can ask for more information or help to apply for this health insurance at the CZ-office in the city centre (Ziekerstraat 49a Nijmegen)
⇒ If you need more help, ask VluchtelingenWerk, Zorgcafe or your local STIP-information point