When your income is low, you can get financial help from the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax service). They can give you one or more toeslagen. A ‘toeslag’ is a small budget to help you to pay certain costs. For example for your rent, health insurance or the costs for your children. 

Huurtoeslag (money for rent) and Zorgtoeslag (money for healthcare)

Huurtoeslag can help you to pay (a part of) your rent. More information about huurtoeslag.
Zorgtoeslag can help you to pay (a part of) the costs for your health insurance. More information about zorgtoeslag. 

Applying for huurtoeslag en zorgtoeslag

Apply for different toeslagen on the website of the Belastingdienst website (with your DigiD)

Kindgebonden budget (financial help with the costs for your kids)

Do you have a low income? And do you have children below the age of 18? Then you can maybe receive kindgebonden budget from the Belastingdienst. This is a budget you can get next to the kinderbijslag to pay for the costs of your children. Het kindgebonden budget is a monthly budget. How much money you can get depends on the age of your children and your family situation.

You can maybe receive kindgebonden budget when you:
⇒  Have 1 or more children below the age of 18
⇒ Receive kinderbijslag [interne link] ⇒ Have a low income
⇒  Do not have too much savings (in Dutch)

When your situation changes, you have to change the date in the system of the Belastingdienst. For example when your income changes or when you have family reunion.

When you are waiting for family reunion, de Belastingdienst will see you as a single parent. You will then get a kindgebonden budget for single parents. When your partner comes to the Netherlands, you are not a single parent anymore. This maybe causes you to receive more budget than you should have received and you will have to pay the money back later. To prepare for these situations it is smart to save a bit of your monthly budget.

Apply for kindgebonden budget

When you already receive toeslagen from the Belastingdienst, in most cases you do not have to ask for kindgebonden budget. You will get it automatically. Do you not yet receive kindgebonden budget, and do you think you have right to the budget? Then you can try to apply for it on the Belastingsdienst-website with your DigiD. 

Kinderopvangtoeslag (budget for childcare)

Are you working? Are you studying? Or are you busy with inburgering? And do your kids go to the childcare or kindergarten, for example at KION? Than you might have the right for a childcare budget. This is what we call Kinderopvangtoeslag. The budget you receive depends on our income and family situation. It also depends on the amount of hours that your children go to childcare or kindergarten. You can receive a budget/toeslag for maximum 230 hours for each child per month.

To apply for kinderopvangtoeslag you have to:

⇒ Sign a contract with a childcare service (KION) or a registered babysitter service
⇒ Pay part of the costs for the childcare yourself (this is called ‘eigen bijdrage’)
⇒ Receive kinderbijslag
⇒ Have a child that is still in primary school (basisschool) or kindergarten

When your situation changes, you have to inform the Belastingdienst about this change. For example when you are going to work more hours.

Applying for kinderopvangtoeslag

You can apply for kinderopvangtoeslag  on the Belastingdienst-website with your DigiD. 

Need help?

Do you need help with applying for a toeslag/budget? Or do you have questions? Visit your local STIP. The people who work at the STIP can help you with the appliance for zorg- and huurtoeslag.