The most important course of the integration training is learning the Dutch language. You can get Dutch lessons from different language schools in Nijmegen. The language schools on this page give Dutch lessons to people who do not speak Dutch as their first language. You can also go to language schools and other initiatives for free help to learn the language. Naast deze officiële lessen kunt u bij veel scholen en initiatieven terecht voor gratis hulp.

Language Courses

Language courses cost money. With your DUO-loan you can pay for these courses. You can only use the DUO-loan for language courses at language schools that are approved by DUO. You recognize these schools because of the Blik op Werk-sign.

These schools have the sign in the Netherlands

See all websites of the language schools in Nijmegen

How do I choose a school that fits me?

1. Decide how good you want your language level to be
2. Talk to VWN and people you know
3. Visit the language schools
4. Read the contracts and compare the prices. Ask for help to understand the contracts
5. Choose quality. Do not just go for good marketing.

Integration on different levels

The language course prepares you for an exam with a certain language level. What language level do you want to have?

Inburgerings examen

⇒ Obliged for everyone with a residence permit
⇒ Level of language: basic communication in the Netherlands
⇒ A2 language level
⇒ You follow courses for a language level up to A2-level.

Staatsexamen NT2

⇒ You can choose to do this exam if you:
     Want to study on the mbo, hbo or university
     Want to integrate with a higher language level

⇒ You practice for B1 or B2 language level.
⇒ You follow courses up to NT2-language level

⇒ More information about integration through state exam NT2

Extra courses

With language courses on a language school you learn to speak the Dutch language. You learn the language by following lessons, doing homework and doing activities in the Netherlands. For the different parts of the course you make different exams.
Apart from language courses you also have to follow 3 more extra courses for your integration: ONA, KNM and the courses for the participatieverklaring
When your language school offers KNM and ONA it is easy to follow them here. But you do not have to.

How do I combine the integration training with my work?

Do you have work, but do you also follow integration courses? In most cases the school needs to help you so you can do both of them. Ask for example to change your courses from daytime to evening time.

Extra practice

Apart from the language courses there are different ways to practice the Dutch language. At the STEP language school, apart from your payed lessons, you can also follow extra lessons for little money. In this way you can quickly learn the language.

⇒ Read more here about practicing the Dutch language in Nijmegen
⇒ At the Yalla Foundation-website there are handy websites and tips that help you to learn the language in a fast way.