The GZA is the healthcare for asylum seekers. Do you live in the AZC and do you feel sick or have a question about your health? You can visit a nurse during the medical consultation hours of the GZA-centre. Everyone who lives in the AZC can visit this centre. In most AZCs the GZA has an office at the AZC. All people in the AZC are insured for the costs of the GZA.

Note! Since 1st of january 2018 GCA (Health Centre Asylumseekers) has changed into GZA (Health Care Asylumseekers). The open consultation hours and telephone numbers remain the same. 

The AZC in Nijmegen has a consultation hour three times a week. During this consultation hour you can visit a nurse for health problems or questions. You do not have to make an appointment. The nurses are well trained to help you with your health problems. When they cannot help you – in case you need different types of care – they will send you to a doctor or specialist. You can also visit the GZA for birth control and glasses.

For more information about health and opening hours for each COA-location, visit: My COA.

Medical consultation hour GZA

AZC Dommer van Poldersveldtweg
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 09.15h – 10.15h

Have a complaint or question outside of the consultation hour?

When there is no consultation hour, you can always call the nurses from the GZA. Main telephone number: 088-11 22 112
Available for calls from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am till 5.00 pm.
Before or after this time you can only call this number for emergency cases.

⇒ Find more answers to your questions about the GZA.


Do you need direct medical help or is the situation life threatening? Call one of the following numbers:

Call: 088-11 22 112 and press 1. This number will bring you in direct contact with the GZA staff.
They can offer you direct help. They will first ask some questions to inform about the situation. Please only press 1 for medical emergencies! For every other type of care, please continue listening to the other options in the menu.

The alarm centre for emergencies. They can send you an ambulance when necessary. Call this number only in life threatening situations!

Who will pay for my medical costs?

A visit with a GZA nurse, just like with the family doctor, is free.
Everyone who lives in the AZC has a health insurance from COA. You will not have to pay for extra costs or own risk (eigen risico).

To prove that you have a health insurance, you will get a health card from COA. Please always take this health card AND an identification card with you when you visit the GZA.

In some cases you have to pay for something yourself, like transport to the hospital in case of emergency. Please save the receipt (or online transaction): afterwards you can get the money for these costs back through a declaration form. Are you having trouble with these forms? Ask for help or visit ‘het zorgcafé‘ at Gezellig.

How do I talk to the doctor/nurse?

Useful tips:
⇒ Try to stay calm and explain your problem or question as clear as possible. Dutch doctors will understand your problems better when you talk without many emotions. They will treat your problem more seriously.
⇒ Do you really suffer from health problems? Try to be really clear when you tell your problems and insist on getting help! They will do the best they can to help you.
⇒ If you do not speak Dutch or English well enough to explain your problems, you can always ask the doctor or nurse to call a translator (tolk in Dutch). They can help you to translate your problems. You can also take a friend or family member with you who speaks Dutch or English and can translate for you.

Need glasses?

Good news if you’re 18 years or older, live at least 6 weeks in the AZC and need glasses! You can go to the GZA for a referral letter. With this letter you can visit a shop of Pearle Opticiens (address in Nijmegen: Broerstraat 47) or Specsavers (address in Nijmegen: Burchtstraat 49). They will assess your vision in an eye examination.

If the power of the lenses you need is covered by your health insurance, you can choose a frame from a special selection of frames. Later you can visit Pearle again to pick-up your custom-made glasses.

Be careful: your insurance compensates one pair of glasses every 3 years (36 months).