You receive more and more letters digitally, not always on paper. Governmental post (belasting, uitkering, DUO) is now sent digitally to you. Mijn Overheid is your personal inbox for  governmental affairs. Everyone has their own personal account. If you login with your DigiD, you can see all the information that is registered about you, like your study, work, taxes and so on.

Who has an account on MijnOverheid?

⇒ Everyone who is 14 years and older
⇒ With a Dutch residence permit

⇒ And a DigiD username and password

How do I Activate my MijnOverheid?

You can see a simple instruction video about the activation of your account here:

1) Go to
2) In the upper left box on the website click on “activeren”
3) Click on the box: “Ik wil inloggen met alleen gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord”
Use your DigiD username and password to log in
4) The first page you see will show you all the different municipalities, governmental organizations and other organizations that want to send you mails. Click on “ja ik ga akkoord” to accept this then click on “ga verder” to go on with next step
5) Fill in your e-mail to send you notifications about new mails on your MijnOverheid account
6) You will receive a mail on your mailaccount with a code to secure it is your email adress. Fill in this code on the website to verify
7) Last step is to fill in a username. You can just fill in your name. It is not obliged. You still log in to MijnOverheid with your DigiD-username

⇒ You can now click on “berichteninbox” to see the messages you received from the different governemntalorganizationorganizations. 
⇒ In the box “lopende zaken” you can find all the things you have applied for that are still in process. 
⇒ In the box “persoonlijke gegevens” you can find all the information that the municipality and government have registered about you. 

8) When you are done, do not forget to log out in the upper right corner by clicking on “uitloggen”

Do not forget to check your inbox on MijnOverheid regularly! Important information will be send to you in the inbox. If you want to receive your information on paper, read the next block of information to see how to change it! Do you need any help because you don’t understand what is in a letter/message? You can ask a friend, post it in the facebookgroup or go to the “spreekuur” at Vluchtelingenwerk. Make sure you have your “DigiD gebruikersnaam and wachtwoord” with you!