Did you get a diploma or did you gain work experience in your home country? If you want to work or study in the Netherlands, you can have the level of your diploma or your work experience evaluated. The organization Internationale Diploma Waardering (IDW) will determine the level of your diploma here in the Netherlands. As a result, you will receive an official document, a certificate, with a Dutch explanation of your foreign diploma. Even if you do not have a diploma, the IDW is able to determine your level.

What is diploma evaluation?

A diploma evaluation is a comparison of a foreign diploma with the Dutch educational system. But it is not a Dutch diploma.
⇒ You cannot automatically carry out a profession with a IDW certificate.
⇒ The certificate does not count as an automatic admission to a study.

An employer or educational institution always decide themselves whether you will be admitted to a job or study.

When is diploma evaluation free of charge?

When you are doing an integration course, you can request one diploma evaluation for free. You do not need to wait for the ONA-course. You can request the diploma evaluation the moment you have received your residency permit.

⇒ You can request a free diploma evaluation if you are integrating after the 1st of January 2015.

Which diplomas can be evaluated?

Only the diplomas that you got from a study that:

⇒ lasted longer than 1000 hours (one schoolyear)
⇒ took place at an institution that is recognized by the government

⇒ You can have 1 diploma evaluated for free. Always choose your highest diploma.
⇒ Even if you did not finish your study, you might be able to receive an official evaluation of your level of education. This is possible if you have completed at least 1 school year.

Did you arrive in the Netherlands as a refugee? And you do not have proof of a diploma? You can request an “Indicatie Onderwijsniveau”. Then, your level will still be determined.

Request diploma evaluation

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More information
⇒ Tel: 0031-79-3217930 (from Monday to Thursday between 9.00 and 12.30)
⇒ E-mail: info@idw.nl
⇒ Check out the IDW website (in Dutch and English)


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