Debt is spending more money than you actually have. It is important to avoid debts. But if there are debts, the municipality can play a role in solving the debt. Tips for handling your income well are available on this page. If there still are debts, please try to get help as quickly as possible to prevent worse situations. 

Prevent Debts

The municipality often gives information to prevent debts. Some of these courses are publically open to attend. Like the course ‘Weet wat je besteedt’. This means: know what you are spending. 3 times per year the municipality arranges this course. More info on this and debts

You can send them an e-mail for more information.
Or call: 024-3298040.

Get Help from ‘Schuldhulpverlening’

Do you have money problems? Are you 18 years or older? Then maybe the municipality can help you. This help is called ‘schuldhulpverlening’. Schuldhulpverlening does not pay your debts for you. The employees help you to get control on your finances again. 

To get help, you have to meet the following conditions. You:
⇒ Must report all the debts 
⇒ Are not allowed to get in new debt
⇒ Have to pay for rent, water, and insurances yourself
⇒ Have to accept the help from the employee of this service desk

Aanvragen schuldhulp

Fill out this form to apply for help with debts and send it back to the address on the form. 

FIX budget management/budget coaching

Do you have a low income? Or do you have money problems? FIX budget management/budget coaching helps you to pay for your costs on time. This way you do not get any new debts. FIX owns your budget. This means that your income will go to FIX. They will pay for your monthly costs like rent, healthcare insurance and your telephone. You can do groceries from the money that is left.

⇒ Together with FIX you look at your incomes and costs. Together you make a budget plan.
⇒ Your monthly income goes to FIX. They pay for your monthly costs.
⇒ You get a weekly budget for groceries.

The period of time that FIX will manage your budget depends on your situation.

Apply for FIX Budget Managment
Fill out this  form and send it to FIX: Het Inter-Lokaal, Postbus 31165, 6503 CD Nijmegen or FIX Bureau Schuldhulpverlening, Postbus 1079, 6501 BB Nijmegen.

Need Help?

Do you need help with applying for schuldhulpverlening or budget management from FIX? Or do you have questions? Visit STIP bij u in de buurt. The employees there will help you out.