In some countries you will find diseases that do not exist in the Netherlands. It is smart to check in advance whether you need a vaccination shot for the country you are travelling to. A vaccinate can reduce the risk of getting infected. You can contact the GGD for personal advice, or to make an appointment to pick up the vaccination shot.

These vaccination shots cost money. In some cases your health insurance will cover the costs. You can contact your own health insurance company to find out if your health insurance will cover these costs. Make sure to do that before you get the vaccination shots!

More Information about Travel Vaccination

On this website about travel vaccinations you will find information per country. You will also find information about special travellers, such as children or pregnant women.

Make an Appointment for Travel Vaccinations?

  • 1. Go to
    2. Choose a location in your area (Nijmegen, Wijchen of Oosterhout)
    3. Plan the appointment online
  • Call: 0900 – 822 24 67 (€0,10 per minute)
    You can reach the phone number through Monday till Friday every day from 8.30 to 17.00. It is possible to talk either in English or Dutch.