KNM | Knowledge of the Dutch Society . One of the courses of the integration training that you have to do is KNM-course. The Netherlands has its own uses, history and culture. In the course you learn how people in the Netherlands go along with each other and different situations. For example: Who rules our country? And what do we do with our rubbish?

At these language schools you can follow the KNM and ONA courses. When you choose Radboud in’to Languages you have to follow courses for NT2 (minimum language course B1).

What do you learn about during KNM (KNM | Knowledge of the Dutch Society )?

During the KNM course you will learn about the following topics:

⇒ Work and income
⇒ Dutch values, norms and ways of interacting with each other
⇒ Housing
⇒ Health and healthcare
⇒ History and geography of the Netherlands
⇒ Important Dutch organisations
⇒ Politics and government of the Netherlands
⇒ Education and raising your children

By doing assignments and making homework you learn about these topics. When you have learned about all the topics, you can do an exam. You make an exam at one of the DUO-location that is closest to your municipality. (This can still be pretty far away).

⇒ All people that integrate have to do the KNM-course. Also when you finish your integration with a NT2 state exam.
⇒ To follow the course, you have to already speak some Dutch. Ask your language teacher if you are ready to start the course.
⇒ Do not wait too long to start the course. Waiting lists for the exams can be really long.

The exam (KNM | Knowledge of the Dutch Society )

You make an exam at a DUO-location in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Rijswijk or Zwolle). You do the exam on a computer. During the exam you see small movies. For example someone who goes shopping or someone who goes to the doctor. After the small movie you get a question about the situation.

Test exam? 


⇒ Or practice with YouTube, for example with these test questions