Do you not have a job? And are you not able to (fully) pay for your own living costs, you can maybe get a bijstandsuitkering. This is a monthly amount of money that you get from the municipality to live from. You can get a bijstandsuitkering until you find a job. The bijstandsuitkering is there on a temporary basis, for all people who need this, not only refugees.

In order to get a bijstandsuitkering you have to:
⇒ Live in the Netherlands
⇒ Be 18 years or older
⇒ Not have enough money to live from
⇒ Not receive another uitkering
⇒ Participate in activities from the municipality to find a job
⇒ Speak the Dutch language to a certain level

More information about the bijstandsuitkering

⇒ Information from the municipality about the uitkering and the rules
 Information in English about the uitkering and other financial help
 General information about the bijstand from the government

Apply for uitkering

When you get your first accommodation in the Netherlands you apply for the uitkering together with a volunteer from VWN.
Do you need to apply for uitkering at a later point in time? Go to the website of the municipality of Nijmegen. 

Need help?
Visit your local STIP. The people who work in the STIP can help you to apply for bijstandsuitkering.