Do you want to learn the language better than the general A2 level? For example because you like it or you want to study at an hbo or university? Then it can be good to follow language courses up to B1- or B2 language level. You often need this level to start a higher education. You can do a NT2 state exam to proof that you speak the language at this level. You can use this exam as a replacement of the usual language-integration exam.

You can follow special language courses for the NT2 state exam. You can choose out of two programs:

⇒ State exam B1 (NT2 program I): language level for people that want to work or study on a mbo-3 or -4 level.
⇒ State exam B2 (NT2 program II): language level for people that want to work or study on a hbo- or university level.

⇒ More information about integration and language (in Dutch)
Want to know more about exam on nt2-level?

⇒ Most of the time you have to make a test. The school will see if the language level fits you.
⇒ Also when you follow the NT2-program, you have to follow the courses KNM and ONA. It is good to wait until the last period of your language courses. So you can do the courses at a higher language level. The DUO budget will still be available.
⇒ Do you want to study? Inform about the language rules for the study you want to do. Then you make a good choice for a course to get to the right language level.

Are you planning to do a study? Read more about the language level and the preparations you need to study in the Netherlands [interne link naar Studeren | Taaleisen voorbereiding]