Punch, kick, sexual assault, too much psychological control or psychological abuse…. do you know someone who experiences violence in their own home? Perhaps in a family, a family member or a roommate? Are you experiencing it yourself or do you see children coming in contact with violence or abuse? Do you worry about someone? There is an organisation in the Netherlands called Veilig Thuis. You can reach this number for advice and help. If in doubt, always call. If needed, you can make the call anonymously (without telling your name). You will find the number at the end of the page.

Domestic violence is a broad term used for violence in and around the house. In The Netherlands, the word violence can have different meanings and can happen in all types of situations. Perpetrators or victims could be family members (-ex), partners, parents, or children.

What Exactly is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a broad term. You can notify us if one of the following is happening:

⇒ Physical abuse: kicking and punching
⇒ Psychological abuse: mistreating someone without the use of physical violence, for example, humiliating someone, threatening or having too much control over them
⇒ Sexual violence: abuse or rape (sexual intercourse without consent)
⇒ Not taking care of your children properly (neglect)
⇒ Any other case where you worry about someone

Schame to be Victim?

Someone who is a victim of domestic violence (someone from the inner circle, like relatives), won’t usually be open about the situation. The person would rather not talk about it all. Victims of domestic violence don’t usually see themselves as a victim. They won’t or cannot accept the situation as it is. In most cases, feelings of shame dominate the situation. Or hope, that it will all go away soon. These are the people that need help getting out of their situation. Therefore, it is really important that people close to the victim pick up signals of domestic violence and notify Veilig Thuis or the other authorities.

Anyone can Notify Veilig Thuis

Veilig Thuis is an organisation where you can report any case of domestic violence or child abuse. It doesn’t matter how old the victim is, everyone can make a report if he or she is worrying about someone. For example, a neighbour, a friend, a family member or a care professional.

What does Veilig Thuis do to Help?

Veilig Thuis works with professionals with a lot of experience. They provide:

⇒ Information, advice and help
⇒ You can discuss your worries with our employees and report a situation

Meer Information on Veilig Thuis and Violence


Call immediately if you worry about yourself or someone else
⇒ Are there any signs of immediate danger? Call: 112.
⇒ Call the organization Veilig Thuis in any other case: 0800-2000.
This number is for free, and also reachable at night or in the weekends.


Arise also provides information on ‘domestic abuse’ on their website.