A good preparation is important. Practice a lot before you start your integration exam. Also it is
Good to start as soon as possible with the courses. Here a few tips to help you prepare for the exam.


Do you live in a COA-location? Try to start learning the language as soon as possible For example by following the lessons that COA-workers for the possibilities at your location.

Integration Exam

Are you soon doing your integration exam? Here a few tips.

⇒ Sign up for your integration exam on time. Sometimes there are long waiting lists. Do you know that your almost finished with studying for the exam? Ask your teacher to help you sign up for an exam.
⇒ Be on time on the day of your exam. You have to go to the desk at the entrance to register for the exam. After that the exam starts.
⇒ Always take an official proof of identity with you. Do not look at the answers of other people. When they see you looking to the test of someone else? They will send you away from the exam.
⇒ Practice, practice, practice!

Practicing for the Exam?

Practicing helps you to make a good exam. On these websites you find assignments:

Basisexamen inburgering

Do you make the state exam NT2? Here you find more test materials:

Test exams NT2
NT2 Taalmenu

Or join these Facebook groups for more test-materials and to ask questions:

Facebookgroup about integration
Facebookgroep Ad Appel 
Holland today

You can also take a look on YouTube, you will find a lot of informative videos and online tests!