STD stands for Sexual Transmitted Disease. People can get infected with an STD through unsafe sex, or by getting in touch with sperm or blood. Are you concerned? Do you have an itch or pain? Pay a visit to your general practitioner. A visit to your general practitioner is for free (no costs), but any further research that has to be conducted will fall under your own risk according to your health insurance. For some groups of people, an STD check will be free of charge at GGD.

STC-Check at GGD

If you are not from western Europe originally, you can discuss with the GGD whether your STD check will free of charge or not.

An STD-Check is at GGD is free for people that …

⇒ Are not originally from western Europe (sometimes. Discuss with the GGD whether it is free for you or not)
⇒ Have obvious signs of an STD
⇒ Are male that had sex with other males
⇒ Are younger than the age of 24
⇒ Had sex with someone who has an STD
⇒ Who offer sex for money

GGD Answers Questions Regarding Sexuality

Such as:

⇒ You had a negative sexual experience
⇒ You don’t want to become pregnant
⇒ You’re a woman and you have complaints after a circumcision
⇒ Every question regarding topics on sexuality for young adults (up to the age of 24), for example questions about anticonception or having pain after sexual intercourse

More Information about Sexual Health

Contact the Sexual Health Department

⇒ Call: 088-144 71 20 
You can reach this phone number through Monday till Friday from 09:00 – 11:30.
⇒ Adsress: Groenewoudseweg 275, Nijmegen
⇒ It is possible to speak either in English or Dutch, and if necessary, a translator can be arranged.