Do I have to do an integration course?

Yes. In general, everyone that is obliged to integrate, has to do an integration exam. You have 3 years time to do this. If you do not do the integration training, it can be that they do not decide to give you a new temporary residence permit. But there are a couple of exceptions:

⇒ You live in the Netherlands for a long time
⇒ You already have a Dutch diploma or have completed a Dutch study
⇒ You do not have to do a an integration exam (ontheffing)

Is this the case? Then it could be that you do not have to do one or more of the exams.

When do I not have to do the exam?

You do not need to make the integration exam when:

⇒ The government thinks you are already integrated
⇒ You can show that you did a lot of effort to integrate, but you did not succeed
⇒ When you have an illness of medical condition because of which you cannot do the exam.

Want to know the rules exactly? Read more here.

Need more time for your integration course?

Do you not finish your integration within 3 years? In some situations you can get more time to finish the courses. For example:

⇒ When you can show the government that you have worked hard to finish your integration course within 3 years
⇒ When you started the course as an analphabetic (you did not know how to read and write)
⇒ When you are sick
⇒ When you are pregnant during the integration course

Is this the case? Then you can try to ask for more time for your integration courses.

More information about extra time for your integration courses you find here 
⇒ Or ask your question to DUO (see the contact information at the end of this page)

More questions about integration?

Questions about integration? Ask them here:

⇒ VWN: ask your volunteer or visit the walk-in consultation hour at VWN
⇒ Your ‘traject begeleider’ (trajectory supervisor) when you have one
⇒ Your language school/integration course: they mostly have a lot of knowledge about integration.
Be careful:
Language schools are commercial organisations, they do not always give you an independent advice.
You can send DUO a message with this form  or call them on: (050) 599 96 00 (Monday up to Friday from 9.00 until 17.00)