LGBT Organizations in Nijmegen Netherlands

  • ‘Dito’, an organization for students and young members of the LGBT community. They organize parties, drinks, and city trips. A nice party they organize is ‘Milq’ (see events).
  • ‘Coc’, a national Dutch LGBT organization. They have a website with useful information and you can contact them with any questions about LGBT in the Netherlands.
  • COC Nijmegen: local department of the national COC. They advocate LHBTI+ rights, they are part of the organization of Coming Out Day, they organize meetups for refugees and they can help you with any kind of question or information. Their website is: . Their address is St. Anthoniusplaats 1 in Nijmegen. They share the location with other LHBTI+ organizations, like Dito. You can go there if you have any questions or would just like to have a drink and meet some locals. If you would like to participate and contribute to the lively LHBTI+ community of Nijmegen you can also became a volunteer.
  • In the city of Nijmegen we have LHBTI+ advisory council that advises the municipality on broad spectrum of LHBTI+ issues. In fact Nijmegen is 1 of 3 cities in The Netherlands that has such an advisory council. If you would like to bring an issue to their attention or would like to read more about them, go to .
  • Rainbow Nijmegen: Facbook group for LGBT members in Nijmegen.