Stips are information points in the different neigbourhoods of Nijmegen. A neighbourhood is a part of the city. All residents of Nijmegen are welcome there. In the Stips volunteers and professionals work together.

At a Stip location you can ask questions, for example about:

⇒ Housing
⇒ Forms
⇒ Care and education
⇒ Activities and courses in the neighbourhood

You are also welcome there if you:

⇒ Have ideas for your neighbourhood
⇒ Want to do voluntary work
⇒ Want to meet people from your neighbourhood
⇒ Want to help other people in your area

For who?

The Stips are open for all residents of the city, so also for refugees or status holders. You can visit without appointment during opening hours. Note: if you also receive help of VluchtelingenWerk (VWN), speak to your contact person first.

Neighbourhood Buddy Project

For status holders we also offer neighbourhood buddies. That is a neighbour (man or woman) who can help you get to know your neighbourhood. While practicing the Dutch language.

Where and When I can visit a Stip?

There is a Stip in each part of Nijmegen. Also in your neighbourhood.
Check the website for the exact locations and opening hours.

Stips in Nijmegen