Find Work in Nijmegen and Netherlands

Are you a status holder and do you live in the region of Nijmegen? It is perfect if you have work. If you have a “bijstandsuitkering” then you must look for work. Also, if you are already registered longer than half a year as an asylum seeker you can work. Finding a job can be challenging. On this page you find tips and places to go to help you find work. 

  1. Help with looking for work: WerkBedrijf
  2. Ask around
  3. Find work at an employment agency (uitzendbureau)
  4. Find vacancies yourself and apply
  5. Useful links while looking for work

1. Help with looking for Work: WerkBedrijf

Do you live in Nijmegen, Wijchen, Druten, Beuningen, Heumen, Mook en Middelaar or Berg en Dal? Do you get the “bijstandsuitkering”? And do you speak Dutch or English? In this case a consultant from WerkBedrijf can help you with finding a place to work and give you advice.

Look on the webpage about WerkBedrijf

2. Ask Around

People often find jobs through other people they know. When you tell people about what you can do and what you are looking for, they will think of you when they hear about jobs. Therefore it is good to tell people you are looking for work. And tell them what you think are your qualities.

It is also possible to show online what you can do or what you would like. You could for example post on facebook about yourself, your language level, when and how much you could work. Online local facebook groups for this are for example:

Make a personal LinkedIn account. Many Dutch use LinkedIn to make themselves known to others and to show positive references. A good up-to-date LinkedIn profile is useful for yourself and looks professional.

3. Find Work at an Employment Agency (uitzendbureau)

Everywhere in the city you can find employment agencies. An employment agency is a company that mediates between people who are looking for (temporary) work and companies that (temporarily) need employees. As a job seeker you can register for free at an employment agency. Companies that need employees are also registered at the employment agency. What do you do to find work at an employment agency?

  1. Make a Curriculum Vitae (cv) with your name, address, contact details, education and work experience.
  2. Find the employment agencies in the region. Some famous ones are for instance Randstad, Manpower and MaxFlex.
    Click here for a map with employment agencies in and around Nijmegen
  3. Visit the agency. Then you can tell the recruiter – someone who works there – what you can do, what you are looking for, and show how motivated you are. They will maybe register you your data. For that you should bring:
    – your cv
    – identity card
  4. The employment agency will contact you if they have work that fits your talents.
  5. If you will start working, the employment agency will pay you your income. Not the company you will work for.

Olympia uitzendbureau Nijmegenrandstad_logo

Are you registered at employment agencies? Then always call after a week to the agency or return there from time to time to ask if they have work. Then the people that work there will get to know you. If they need to find employees for a company and they know your face, it is more likely that they will call you instead of someone else.

4. Find Vacancies yourself and Apply

Of course you can try to find a job yourself. For example by:

  1. Asking in shops or at companies if they have work for you.
    Tip: bring your cv with you.
  2. Finding vacancies in newspapers or online, and send an application letter with cv.
  3. Directly applying online and sending a digital cv.
    Here you will find a number of websites and facebook pages for jobs in and around Nijmegen:

But there are many many more …

Google yourself to see what comes up! Employers will always try to Google your name. Do you have representative pictures online that fit the position that you are applying for? Are there pictures online or texts that are not so representative? Try to remove them and put yourself in the shoes of a possible employer. 

5. Usefull Links while looking for Work

Do you have good tips or experiences about finding work?  Let them know by sending us an  e-mail. Maybe we can publish it here. 

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