Do you have a low income? And have no saving money? Than you can maybe get extra money from the municipality to pay for things you need for a living. Sometimes you get money from the municipality or sometimes you can borrow it.

The bijzondere bijstand is there for costs that you did not expect or that are too expensive to pay for while you have a low income.
For example:
⇒ A washing machine
⇒ A refrigerator
⇒ A computer for kids who go to school
⇒ Medical costs when your CAZ-health insurance does not pay for this (anymore)

When you need new things, you will have to pay this back later on.  You can not get bijzondere bijstand for the costs that can be refunded somewhere else, like your health insurance. 

⇒  You have to apply for bijzondere bijstand before you spend the money. When you payed for the costs more than 3 months ago, you will not get the money from the bijzondere bijstand.

⇒ When you apply for bijzondere bijstand to buy new things, you have to save the old or broken things. The municipality wants to check if it is really necessary to buy a new one.

⇒ You cannot get a bijzondere bijstand for basic costs that everybody has. Like food, rent, gas/ water/electricity, telephone costs, clothes, health insurance and debt. For these costs you can try to get help from the Voedselbank, Kledingbank of Schuldhulpverlening.

Apply for bijzondere bijstand

You can apply for bijzondere bijstand here with your DigiD. Within 8 weeks you will get a letter with the decision if you get the bijstand or not from the municipality.

Need help?
Visit your local STIP. The people who work at the STIP can help you to apply for bijzondere bijstand.