Some diseases are contagious. This means that other people can get sick as well. In the Netherlands it is regulated by law which disease your doctor has to report to the GGD. A GGD employee will help to make sure the disease will not further spread to other people.

A few examples of diseases the doctor has to report to the GGD:

⇒ Hepatitis (leverontsteking)
⇒ Tuberculosis
⇒ Measles

What does the GGD when you or your Child has an Infectious Disease??

A nurse with the GGD will call the patient and:

⇒ Gives information on the disease
⇒ Will tell you what you can do yourself in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other people

Tuberculosis Research

The GGD examines the possibility of people being infected with tuberculose. Brochures and information in several languages are available under this link.

Are you originally from a country where there large number of people are infected with tuberculosis? You will then receive an invitation from the GGD to have you checked on tuberculosis. Some children require a vaccination against tuberculosis. If this is the case, you receive and invitation for your child to make an appointment for vaccination.

Protection against Infectious Diseases through Vaccination, even Adults

In the Netherlands all children up to the age of 18 will receive free vaccination. The GGD will also sometimes vaccinate people older than 18. For example, because they know someone with an infectious disease. When you travel to a country where there is a larger risk of getting infected with an infectious disease, you can get travel vaccinations at the GGD.

Getting in Contact with the GGD

Do you have any questions regarding an infectious disease? Please call 088-144 7126. A nurse working with the Infectious Disease Department will help you further.