Kinderbijslag | Money for your Child

Do you live or work in the Netherlands? And do you have children below the age of 18? Then you can receive extra money to take care of your children. This is what we call kinderbijslag. The kinderbijslag is for all parents who take care of their children, not only when you have a low income. You receive kinderbijslag from the Sociale VerzekeringsBank (SVB).

When do you get the budget?

⇒ 4 times a year, every 3 months ('per kwartaal' in Dutch)
⇒ How much money you get, depends on the age of your child
⇒ The budget per child you can find on the website of SVB

Applying for kinderbijslag

You can apply for kinderbijslag with your DigiD on the SVB-website

Do you need help? Or do you have questions?

⇒ Visit your local STIP-location. The people who work at the STIP can help you with your appliance for the kinderbijslag.