Dentist Netherlands Nijmegen

Dentist Netherlands Nijmegen, To stay healthy, most Dutch people go to the dentist one of twice a year for a check-up of their teeth. Strong and healthy teeth are important for your health. Costs you can insure with a dental insurance on top of your basic health insurance.

If you have your teeth checked every half a year, the dentist can help you to prevent problems and pain in the future.

What does a Dentist Netherlands Nijmegen do?

A dentist:

⇒ Checks your mouth, your teeth and gum to see if they are healthy.
⇒ Removes dental plaque and  fills cavities.
⇒ Gives treatments to make your teeth stronger.
⇒ Gives advice and information about care for healthy teeth and how to brush and floss them.
⇒ Gives advice about braces for crooked teeth.
⇒ Puts placement of protheses.

Not all what a dentist is doing, is covered by a teeth insurance. Always check the conditions of your insurance. if the proposed or desired treatment is covered or not.

If necessary the Dentist Netherlands Nijmegen will send you to a specialist or orthodontist for more specialist care, like braces or the treatment of root canal infections.

How to Register at a Dentist?

You can look online for a dentist in your neighbourhood. When you find one you like, you can call them to get registered or try to find a registeration-form online. When you have successfully registered, they will contact you to make an appointment for an intake. During this intake – just like the family doctor – they will check about your dental health and history with your previous dentist.

How do I book an Appointment?

Some dentists will send you a letter or mail every half a year to make an appointment for a check-up. Other dentists want you to call them for an appointment or make an appointment online through the website. Ask your dentist what is their way to make an appointment.

Does my Insurance cover the Costs of my Treatment?

For children under 18 the appointment with the dentist is covered by the basisverzekering (basic health insurance). It covers:

⇒ 2 check-ups a year
⇒ Treatments

It does not cover:

⇒ Costs for braces, crowns or bridges. If you pay for extra insurance you can also insure these treatments.

For people above 18 the appointment with the dentist is not covered by the basic insurance. It is only covered for people with extreme deviations with their teeth or mouth. You can choose an extra insurance for dental care on top of your basisverzekering to insure the costs for the dentist.

Do you fear Dentists? Visit a special one ...

When you are scared of the dentist, there are special dentists that give special treatments for scared people. They have completed a special study to comfort you, so you feel well during the treatment. There are a couple of dentists in Nijmegen who give these anxiety treatments. Ask your dentist if they do these treatments too.