Another part of the integration training is Orientation of the Dutch Labour market (Oriëntatie van de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt – ONA). During this course you learn about working and looking for a job in the Netherlands. You look back on your working experience and you find out about your qualities. Also you learn how to write a good application letter.

At these language schools in Nijmegen you can follow KNM- and ONA-courses. When you choose Radboud in’to Languages, you have to also follow language courses for NT2-level (minimum B1-level). 

During the ONA-course

During the ONA courses you learn about working in the Netherlands. You will make assignments about this at school and at home. Also you look at the kind of work you would like and what you have to do to get this kind of job.

Things you do in the course:

⇒ Diploma valuation (diploma waardering)
You will find out about the value of your degree in the Netherlands
⇒ Writing a CV
A CV is an overview of your working experience, talents and interests
⇒ What jobs suit you? What do you like?
⇒ Writing an application letter

Result cards

Everything you have learned during the course and assignments you write down on result cards from DUO. At the end you have 8 result cards with things you have done and found out. This is a nice start to find a job in the future.

⇒ You can fill in the result cards online. You can save them online so you cannot lose the cards.
⇒ Do you send your result cards digitally to DUO? Than DUO will be quicker to look at the cards. This way you can also plan your exam earlier.
⇒ Do you have questions or need help during the course? The teacher is there to help you. Do you want help from peers? Try to ask your question on this Facebook group: ONA – elkaar helpen 

Exam: talking with DUO

Note!  On the 3th of February 2018 there was news about ONA. People that have had minimum 64 hours of courses for ONA do not have to come and talk with DUO. When we know more about this, we will change the text. Ask your language school for advice.  

When you have finished all the assignments, you can ask for a final talk with someone from DUO. Your teacher will tell you when you can finish the course with a talk. First you send all of your result cards to DUO. They will invite you for a talk.
During the meeting you will talk about what you have done, found out and learned about working in the Netherlands. When the talk goes well, you have passed the course.