LGBT Events in Netherlands Nijmegen

Although Nijmegen is not a big city there is a lot going on here – also for the LGBT community. In general, the LGBT community is quite open-minded and welcoming – also to non-members and heterosexual people. The common attitude is: ‘Alles kan, niks hoeft’ (everything is accepted, but nothing is obligatory).

  • ‘Roze woensdag’ (pink Wednesday) during the ‘Vierdaagse’ (four day marches) in July. This is a day for the LGBT community on which everyone wears pink clothes. There are many parties and a drag show on ‘Festival op het eiland’ during that day. More information about this day:
  • Gay bars:
    • ‘De Regenboog’:
    • ‘Marcus Antonius’:
  • Parties:
    • ‘KissKiss’: big gay party in Doornroosje. There are several areas with different music. Gays and gay-minded people from different cities come to this party.
    • ‘Milq’ in ‘Gas19’. This party is smaller than ‘KissKiss’ and mostly locals from Nijmegen go there – people from all different age groups.