Voluntary Work in Netherlands. Many people in the Netherlands do voluntary work. As a volunteer you help other people. But it also adds something for you yourself.
⇒ You build your network – you get to know new people
⇒ You work on your integration; you practice your Dutch and you learn about Dutch society
⇒ You create work experience
⇒ You use your talents
⇒ You get appreciation
⇒ Your volunteer work can be a step towards paid work

There is a difference between paid work and non-paid work. Not all the non-paid work is voluntary work. Voluntary work is:

⇒ Work you do for others or for the society: with a general or societal benefit
⇒ Work at an organisation that does not make a profit (like a foundation)
⇒ Work that does not subsitute a paid job

Examples of Voluntary Work

⇒ Arrange a training for runners at a sport club
⇒ Push a wheelchair of an elderly person during a walk around an elderly home
⇒ Cut trees or maintain a state forest (not a private garden)
⇒ Help building a festival
⇒ Activities in a community centre, club house or public space in your neighbourhood, like cooking together
⇒ Activities at charities, foundation, for example at the food bank

Vlnr: wethouder Bert Frings, Nazier A, Shadi A, en Mirjam Kaptein. Uitreiking certificaat voor het verrichten van vrijwilligerswerk door nieuwkomers in Nijmegen.
From left to right: alderman Bert Frings, Nazier A, Shadi A, and director of the voluntary organisation Vrijwilligerscentrale Mirjam Kaptein. Handing over a certificate for doing voluntary work by newcomers in Nijmegen.

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