When you get your own house, there is a lot of stuff you have to buy. There are a lot of affordable shops in Nijmegen to buy your furniture. For example second hand shops, charity shops and online pages for free stuff. This way you can save a lot of money.

Where can I buy cheap stuff for my home?

In Nijmegen there are many shops you can go to for affordable furniture. They have a broad range of products like kitchen utensils, clothes and furniture. A couple of second hand shops you can visit:

 Vintage & More, Heumen
 Het Goed, Nijmegen
 Basta, Nijmegen
 Kringloop Klerengoed (ook voor meubels), Nijmegen
 Kringloopwinkel Marcel, Nijmegen
 Maro tweedehands winkel
 Ruilwinkel Nijmegen
 Habbekrats, Nijmegen
 Stichting Overal, Nijmegen
 Weggeefwinkel Hatert, Nijmegen
 Terre des Hommes, Nijmegen

For more shops and tips you can take a look at the Yalla Foundation website.

Online shopping for home decoration

There are a lot of Facebook groups and websites online where you can find stuff for free or for a small price. Often you can pick these things up after you have made an appointment.

Some examples:
 Spullen voor statushouders (Stuff for Status Holders, facebook group)
 Gratis ophalen in Nijmegen en omgeving (Go get for free in Nijmegen andsurroundings, facebook group)
 Ruil- en weggeefpagina (facebook group)

Extra adressess

 VincentiusVereniging: You can contact this foundation when you need stuff. Especially for children they have different things, like for example a bicycle. You can mail them: info@vincentiusnijmegen.nl
 Fieldwork Foundation: Fieldwork Foundation organises give away afternoons every once in a while. Everyone is welcome here to pick up free things. Do you have a special question for things in your house and do you not have any other place to go? You could email them to see what they can do. 
Go to the website to see when the give-away afternoons are organized.
Mail them: info@fieldworkfoundation.nl

Do you need help and but do you not know anybody to help you? You can always post your question for help on the Facebook Group ‘Refugees in Netherlands Nijmegen’. There are a lot of people that want to help people who have questions.