Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen | Matching Voluntary Work

Are you new in Nijmegen? Don't you have a paid job, but do you want to be active? Read and see if voluntary work is something for you.

With voluntary work you can:

⇒ Help others and learn Dutch
⇒ Do something for society
⇒ Develop your skills
⇒ Meet people
⇒ Make your days usefull
⇒ Increase your chances on the labour market (build your cv)

The VrijwilligersCentrale Nijmegen

⇒ Helps you finding voluntary work
⇒ Helps organisations to find new volunteers
⇒ Helps volunteers and organisations with questions and problems

Want to do Voluntary Work in Nijmegen?

Everybody is welcome at the Vrijwilligerscentrale. Visit the office near the train station in Nijmegen and/or visit their website. If you live in the AZC Dommer van Poldersveldtweg, you are welcome on the visiting hour at that location.

Check the website of the Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen (in Dutch)

Visit the Vrijwilligerscentrale in Nijmegen

On monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 10.00 - 16.00 o'clock.
Visiting hour for newcomers: first monday of the month 15.30-16.30 hrs (3.30-4.40 pm).
Just enter and go to the first floor, or make an appointment.
Stationsplein 26, 1st floor
T: 024 8200024
E: bemiddeling@vwc-nijmegen.nl

Visiting Hour for Voluntary Work AZC Dommer van Poldersveldtweg in Nijmegen

Every tuesday from 10.00 – 12.00 o'clock.

Make a Personal Appointment

Tel: 024-8200020
E-mail: h.tieze@vwc-nijmegen.nl