Did you recently move to Nijmegen and do you have small children? Or perhaps a little older? The GGD (Youth health, known as JGZ) will check whether your children are growing healthy and offer vaccination.

Children Age 0 to 4

Within two months you will be visited by nurse working for the GGD. You will then meet the nurse and discuss the well-being of your children.

The nurse will explain that people with children regularly visit a bureau of consultation (consultatiebureau). This is a building in the area where GGD nurses and doctors weigh, measure, vaccinate and give children a physical check-up. Together with you they will talk about whether your child is growing up healthy and if you have any questions about this. You will find the location of the bureau of consultation on the website of the GGD. The nurse can also tell you where to find the bureau of consultation.

In the Netherlands, the GGD will vaccinate your children for free against some types of disease. If your child is in need of vaccination, the GGD will contact you.

Children/Youth Age 4 to 18

Did you recently move to Nijmegen with children age 4 to 18? The GGD will meet your children at the school they currently follow education. The nurse will check if your children growing accordingly and if they are healthy. You will get a letter about vaccinations, or the nurse will contact you about vaccinations.

More Information about Vaccination in The Netherlands

If you click the following link, you will find a brochure in different languages. It is national information about all types of vaccinations given to children living in the Netherlands.

Folder Rijksvaccinatieprogramma RIVM (several languages) 

Making an Appointment or Contacting GGD Children & Youth Department (JGZ)?

Call GGD JGZ: 088-1447111