What is a DigiD? How to use it?
DigiD stands for Digital identity. You can arrange many things with the government online. To identify yourself you use your DigiD-code to login.

With your DigiD you can log on to many different governmental websites like the website of the municipality, de Belastingdienst, DUO and also your health insurance. In this way they can verify that it is you who is trying to login. 

Everyone with a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer or BSN) who is registered in a municipality can apply for a DigiD, no matter your age. 

DigiD Website with More Info

For a clear explanation about DigiD and how it works, visit the website ‘All about DigiD’.
It has information in:

Visit this site to see:
⇒ What is DigiD?
⇒ How does it work?
⇒ How do I apply for DigiD?
⇒ How do I log in on with DigiD?
⇒ How do I safely use my DigiD?
⇒ What can I do with my DigiD?

Examples of use of your DigiD

⇒ Log in to Mijn Overheid where you can arrange all kinds of government affairs
⇒ Arrange allowances like the zorgtoeslag en huurtoeslag through “Mijn Toeslagen
⇒ Submit your annual tax return  
⇒ Report something to the police  
⇒ Log in to DUO for example to arrange study finance 
⇒ Looking into your medical filesand allow new doctors or hospitals to see it

Forgot your DigiD Username and Password?

Your DigiD is secret. That is why the DigiD help desk is unable to help you to retrieve your username and password. If you forgot, you have to do this:

You already have an activated account?
If you only forgot your password you can change it. You still need to know your username and your BSN. 

You haven’t activated your account yet or you forgot your username?
Then you have to reapply for a DigiD. It will again take around 3 work days until you receive a letter with your new activation code. 

⇒ Keep your password safe! Never give the username and password to someone else.
⇒ Choose a safe password that is hard to steal, but which is easy for you to remember.
⇒ If you want other people to help you, like your contact person at VWN or another organization you trust, you can authorize someone

More frequently asked questions about DigiD

⇒ You can find the answers on the DigiD-website.