what education or university fits you in Netherlands ?

If you live or want to study in the Netherlands. What education or university fits you in Netherlands ?Did you have your diploma accredited and have you chosen a level? Your next step will be choosing a study. What do you want to study? It is not simple to find a study that fits you. There is a lot of choice in The Netherlands.

Help with choosing a study

If you want to study, it is wise to contact Stichting Vluchtelingen-Studenten, the UAF.

⇒ The UAF can help you find the study of your choice. They can also council and guide you during your study and after your study, in helping you find a job.
⇒ The UAF cannot help everyone. You can send in a request/application and the UAF will decide who they can and cannot help.
⇒ You will find the conditions for assistance from the UAF here.
⇒ You will find a scan to see if you meet the requirements in order to receive assistance from the UAF.
VluchtelingenWerkNederland, the UAF and Werkbedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen can also assist you in choosing a study.

Free certificates for newcomers

Do you want to know what it is like to study? Attend an open course at the university or spend a day following classes. At the universities in Wageningen and Utrecht refugees are able to follow free courses, even when you still live at the AZC. The only requirement is, is that you Dutch or English should be sufficient. You will receive a certificate once you complete the course.

Are you not able to afford the travel costs? Please inform with a local VWN to see if travel costs will be compensated.
⇒ A summary of courses you can attend at the university of Wageningen.
⇒ A summary of courses you can attend at the university of Utrecht and information on how to sign up.

Studies in English

Most studies in The Netherlands will be offered in Dutch, however, some courses and studies are also offerend in English. You can find a database with English courses and studies here.

More information on language requirements on all the different studies.

More information

There are several websites where you can find information about studies and where you can do a test which help you in making the right choice of study
⇒ A choice of study test for mbo.
Tests for mbo to discover what you like, what you are good at and which study fits those qualities and interests.
⇒ Choosing study and profession, with a study career test.
⇒ Teaching method for study choice and career-orientation.
⇒ Information choosing a study and open days.
⇒ Free tests in the area of career and personal development.
⇒ Tests and tools in the area of career progression.

Tips on choosing an education

When you are interested in a certain study, it is important to gather as much information about this as possible. This will help you in making the right choices. For example, you can talk to people who are following the study you are interested in. This will help you in getting to know more about this study. More studies host information day. There is also a possibility to spend a day following classes or to join taster sessions.

Information about information sessions can be found here:
ROC Nijmegen (mbo)
⇒ Helicon Nijmegen
⇒ Rijn IJssel Arnhem (mbo)
HAN – Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (hbo)
⇒ Radboud University: open days, taster sessions, spend a day following classes
⇒ An overview of all the open days for mbo-studies
⇒ National agenda information days for hbo or university

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