The student organization Radboud University

The student organization Radboud University

Agreen in Nijmegen is organizing an event with a private partner:

Who are we?

schrav, a sustainable fashion clothes brand.   Agreen is a voluntary student organization working with different partners in Nijmegen, to promote impactful sustainable outcome. The main role endorsed by its members in consultancy.
On the project with Schrav, students are working on organizing a social inclusion night where delicate topics such as the environmental and social impact of the fast fashion industry will be addressed. Furthermore the event aim at sensitizing people on bad working conditions especially for marginalized people such as women, migrants, children and so on.

Moreover, the evening also aims at bringing fun and laughter. There will be games and drinks and a diversity of people to interact with. 

What do we want?

We are looking for potential speakers who have experienced such exploitation (preferably in the fashion industry) and that will be willing to share their stories.
Furthermore, if you would like to attend the event and have fun with us, we will be happy to see you there

if you are interested  you can send an email to

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