Exercise is healthy, and when you exercise you can also build social contacts. Are you new in Nijmegen and do you want to work out? But you don’t know how? In Nijmegen, you can visit many places. Read more about sports in Nijmegen and special arrangements to do sports with a low income here.

Help with Costs for Sports: Meedoen-regeling

If you have a low income, there is also a fund from which you might can get money back for your participation in sports and culture: Meedoen regeling of the municipality. For children there is also foundation Leergeld (education, swimming, sports and culture) which supports activities for children from 4 to 18 years financial.

More information about how you can request financial help for a compensation in the costs, you can find here.


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Free Sportinitiatives

Here you will find free sports initiatives for people who are still in the AZC but also for others who want to exercise for free.

⇒ Run for Freedom (free/running)
Would you like to run? Here at Run for Freedom can run free and you’ll even get free coaching. Run for Freedom offers run facilities and coaching for newcomers.

⇒ Nijmegen Noord Talent team facebook page (free/running)
Nijmegen North Talent Team is a club specifically for running talents among newcomers.
Look for “info” and send a message for more information.


At Radboud Sports Centre you can choose from many sports in Nijmegen, you have to pay to sport. For students at HAN or RU this is cheaper. When you follow courses with Radboud in’to Languages (Inburgering NT2) you also get discount on a sports card. With the card you can follow as much sports courses as you want. 

 Prices (for not studying at HAN/RU)
⇒ Discount Prices (when you study at HAN/RU)
⇒ Information about registration and the sportcard

Sign up at the desk of Radboud Sportscentrum (on your right at the entrance).
Take with you:
⇒ A passphoto
⇒ ID

When you study with Radboud in’to Languages, also take with you:
⇒ A copy of your DUO-loan that you receive for your integration courses
⇒ A copy of your registration with Radboud in’to Languages

The registration-desk is opened mostly (with exeptions from holidays):
⇒ Monday to Friday from 07.00 untill 23.30 
⇒ Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 untill 21.00
Pick up your sportscard two days after your registration at the desk. 

When you sign up for the first time, you have to be a member for at least two months. After that you can stop your contract every month before the last day of the month. When you get a sportscard you can use it also in the next year of your courses.

Different sports in Nijmegen

Most common are football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and hockey.
Download the sportgids 2016-2017 here.

  1. Choose a sport.
  2. Look what sportclubs there are and choose one.
  3. See if the sportclub is registered in the list of sportsclubs that cooperate with the Meedoen-regeling. 
  4.  Sign up for the sport (possibly with support from the Meedoen-regeling)

Renting a sportshall

Do you want to rent a sportshall in Nijmegen? For example to play football in a sportshall with your team or friends? You can arrange it yourself. Can you not do it alone? Ask for help. 

⇒ Costs for a small sportshall: between 13 and 16 euros per hour
⇒ Available most of the week, choose the time you want to rent it
⇒ You can share the costs with your friends or team members
⇒ Locations: all over the city

How do I arrange it?

⇒ Make your own login-account
⇒ Choose a location
⇒ You book online through this website (in Dutch)
⇒ You receive a number by which you can enter the sportshall at the arranged time and date. Note: also other people can enter the hall when they made a reservation aswell. 

Do you have questions about sport in Nijmegen?

Are you looking for a suitable sport(club), do you want to start a sporting project or rent a sporthall or sportfield?
Or do you have a question about fundings? 
Bureau Sportservice can help you. Together with other organisations in sport, education, health care and the neighborhood, they stimulate sport and movement. 

Contact sport bureau Sportservice:

Telephonenumber: +31 024 – 329 33 10
E-mail: sportservice@nijmegen.nl
Visit address: Mariënburg 30 Nijmegen
Opening hours: On workingdays from 09.00 – 17.00 uur
Post address: Postbus 9105, 6500 HG Nijmegen