“Home for me is feeling safe”

In connection with the first session of the Opus project, “What is home for you?” was one of the themes that guided the participants’ discussion on the 27th of February during the second session. Students and newcomers in Nijmegen had the opportunity to share their experiences and views about the meaning of home. Safety, family, a feeling of belonging and simple daily activities were highlighted by the participants.

The session, which consisted of two parts, then continued with the theme of identity and diversity. The fact that the group is composed by people from different parts of world such as the Netherlands, Syria, Yemen, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Germany and Brazil enriched the exchanges even more. More than nationality, the identity reflects, according to the group, the way they see themselves and how other people see them. Identity is not stable, but a process. In addition, it is a relation built inside groups of belonging. 

The next session will be on the 27th of March from 1pm to 3pm through Zoom platform. In this session we will be talking about stereotypes and discrimination. Would you like to take part? You can register here: https://welcometonijmegen.nl/en/project-opus/. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at mara@yallafoundation.nl.

Below you can check the schedule for the next meetings of Opus. We hope to see you there!

  • 27th March – Stereotypes & Discrimination
  • 24th April – Human Rights
  • 22nd May – Women & Men
  • 19th June – Relationships
  • 11th September – Student & Work-life
  • 16th October – Culinary Culture
  • 13th November – Participant’s Theme
  • 27th November – Exhibition