Online you can find many apps. With them you can study on your cell phone or computer. Below you can find some, and on the Yalla Foundation website you can even find more of them. Good luck!

Duo Lingo

From English to Dutch. To practice sentences and words:


App learn the language:

Net in Nederland

Look at Dutch tv-programms: this helps you with your language. Subtitles are available in Arabic and English.

2B Dutch

Videos to learn Dutch with. Directly go the their website: 2B Dutch.

NT2 Taalmenu

Exercises to learn Dutch, for the Staatsexamen I or II or for the ‘inburgeringsexamen’. There are exercises for all levels. Directly to the website NT2 Taalmenu.

 Want to try more apps? On the website of Yalla Foundation you will find a bigger selection.