Everyone would love to have a job in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, for refugees, this is not as easy as it sounds. Even though many used to study and have a job, or maybe even had their own business, back in their home country – a lot of refugees still struggle to get employed. Research showed that two years ago only 4% of the newcomers had a job. A year later this number almost tripled to 11%. Luckily this amount is rising, but we’re definitely not there yet.

In order to get a job as a refugee, there is of course initiative required from both sides: employer and employee. Here are 5 tips to better your chances of being a potential employee.


Despite the fact that you maybe already have years of experience, either by studying or working, this unfortunately does not guarantee you a job in Netherlands. Non-Dutch diplomas are often not accepted. Therefore is applying for a new study or training highly recommended. The UAF can help you with this. Go to https://www.uaf.nl/home/vluchtelingfor more information.


It is of course easier said than done, but knowing the Dutch language is crucial when it comes to finding a job. Consider taking Dutch classes or visit one of the Taal Cafés to become more familiar with the language.


Employers are often looking for new employees, but they aren’t very active themselves. Vacancies are being published or they search within their own network. But how do you end up in such a network? Try to get in touch with people from the field in which you would want to work. By creating a profile on www.LinkedIn.com you can easily get in touch with other employees and potential employers. There might be a possibility to work voluntarily or do an internship, most favourable in your specific branch. Whether it is in your field or not, volunteer work is very educational and offers you the opportunity to show your qualities and insights. Besides, it is an amazing way to learn Dutch.


Often there’s a lot more possible than you think when it comes to the labour market. There are many companies willing to cooperate with refugees. For them it’s not that easy either. Because of the language barrier and cultural differences it is difficult for employees and employers to find each other. Luckily there are organizations offering guidance. Via the website www.refugeetalenthub.com you can create a profile and eventually brought into contact with companies looking for people like you. www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl supports people who are looking for a job as well.


Finally! A job interview! But what do you wear? A good first impression is of high importance and clothing plays a huge role in this. Besides the cultural differences that make the process of finding suitable clothes a little more complicated – is not everybody able to afford a complete new outfit. www.dressforsuccess.nl can help here. They have multiple shops throughout the country where you’re more than welcome for some advice. Please note: in order to be helped you need to be in the possession of a proof of income and an official invitation for the job interview. According to your taste and the one of the company your applying for, they will look for a suitable outfit together with you. The appointment, as well as the outfit, which you may keep, are free of charge.

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