People who like to start a business or self-employment work with other people. You can create your own network and co-create your plans for your business together. You will get to know almost everything about starting a business in Nijmegen area.
Everyone can join the centre, when they are seriously in starting their own business or self-employment. The only restriction is that you have commitment to the centre. For example by contributing to the centre with your knowledge and skills. If you have a non-Dutch background (migrant or refugee) you are especially welcome.
1. Information meeting – 22 December, 14.00 at J72. Open for everyone who likes to know more.
2. Start training how to start your own business in The Netherlands – depending on number of applicants and when they can start – March 2017.
3. The training will take 2 weeks. You will have lessons with the group and assignments for yourself. The result of the training is that you have enough information to complete your business plan yourself (or with some help in the centre).
4. During the 2 weeks you can sit in our centre J72. In the centre we have coordinators who can personally advise you about your plan. In the centre you can meet other people who are working on their business. You can work together with them, meet new people, explore your ideas, help other people further, et cetera.
5. After the 2 weeks you are still welcome in the centre. Here you can work on your business (plan), you can ask others to help you and you can help others. The coordinator can still advise you and help you create a further network.
6. When you go your own way, you can still be connected to the centre.
€25 per month for refugees and others who get support from governmental organisations. It is necessary that the government is going to pay the rest of the training and guidance. We will help you to get this guidance.
For others prices are higher, see in Dutch.
Training will be in Dutch or English (depending on the group). B1 level of language is necessary.
Guidance and workplace: A1 level of Dutch required.
Write your e-mail to work@fair2.org. Please put your personal data in a short CV (name, age, (e-mail) address, telephone, background), together with your business or work idea and your motivation.
We will hobnob your data and business idea.
After receiving this, we will make an appointment with you.
024-844 20 84 / work@fair2.org / www.facebook.com/Fair2work
J72 – around Trajanusplein Nijmegen (only for appointments).
Internet page: http://www.fair2.biz/info/fair2work