‘Uitkering’ and Changes

If you (temporarily) have the ‘uitkering’ you must cooperate with the gemeente and WerkBedrijf. Also you have to report changes in your situation. Which changes? Why? More information you will find here.

What does cooperating with the municipality mean?

You have to show up at appointments for which you are invited. Also you have to hand over documents and information WerkBedrijf or the municipality asks for. In this way you actively and honestly cooperate towards finding work. If you do not do this, the municipality could lower or stop your ‘uitkering’. For example for one month, because you did not show up at an appointment. If you are not able to show up at an appointment, you can call or send an e-mail in advance.

Why do I have to report it if I go abroad?

You are allowed to be on vacation for maximum 28 days per year. But when you do, you have to report your leave at the municipality. Why? You are obliged to show up at appointments and actively look for work. That is why the municipality has to know when you are not reachable. If you do not report vacations abroad and you therefore miss apointments, then the municipality can lower your uitkering. That is why you have to report visits abroad longer than one day.

My girlfriend stays with me in my house for the coming month. She will also eat at my house. Why do I have to report this at the municipality?

The municipality decides how much ‘uitkering’ you need. If your personal situation changes, the amount can change. That is why you have to report changes. Which changes?

⇒ Live together with someone, even for a temporary period longer than one week – for example a partner or a guest
⇒ Moving to another place, or if your child moves
⇒ If your child starts or stops studying

It is your own responsibility to be honest. The municipality can check if you are honest.

How to report changes?

You can report changes through the form, but directly contact the municipality is most of the time better. Then they can put it in their system immediately, which prevents you to receive the wrong amount. Here you will find the contact data of the municipalities in the area of Nijmegen (Rijk van Nijmegen).