Chosen a study? | Sign up for a study

When you have made a choice regarding your study, you can sign up. It is important to do this on time and with care. If you want to start studying in September, you are required to sign up to Studielink in springtime.

Make sure to be on time when signing up for a study, because singing up too late means there will be no place! The date of the deadline for signing up will be different for each study. Always ask the educational institute which offers the study what the date of the deadline for signing up for your study is. For some studies you will have to sign up before January 1st, if you want to start in September.

Deadline for signing up for a study

⇒ You will have to sign up before April 1st if you want to follow a mbo study.
Only then you will be able to follow the study. If you sign up for a mbo study, you will be provided with study advice for choosing a study. You are always required to sign up before April 1st, even if you don’t know which study you will be following. You can always change the study of your choice after sign up.

⇒ Hbo and university: sign up before May 1st (if the study does not require an earlier sign up).

Extra admission requirements: signing up earlier

Some studies have extra admission requirements. For example a study in sports or drama. Or physical therapy. You wil have to do an admission test. This is called selection. For studies with a selection you are required to signing up earlier than for studies without a selection.

Some studies only have space for a certain amount of students each year. Those studies select students with a numerus fixus. Everyone who wants to start at one of those studies, are required to write a letter, give a presentation or make an exam. The study will then choose which are allowed to follow that study.

Studies that have a numerus fixes will have an earlier sign up deadline than studies without numerus fixus. An overview of all hbo and wo studies with numerus fixus.

Sign up for a study through Studielink

If you want to study, you have to sign up with Studielink.
(You will need a DigiD)

More information

You can find more information on the website of the Rijksoverheid. On this site you will also find Mijn Studieplan. Mijn Studieplan can you help with your preparations.

Do you have any questions about your study? Are you encountering any problems? Please contact VluchtelingenWerkNederland, the UAF or Werkbedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen. They might be able to help. Sometimes these organisation will be working together.