Kwijtschelding | Not Pay Tax with Low Income

Everyone with his/her own independent accommodation has to pay taxes to the municipality and the local water system. When you have a low income than you can ask the BSR (the organisation that controls these taxes in this region) to not have to pay these taxes. This is called kwijtschelding.

Conditions to Not Pay this Tax

In order to get the permission not to pay for the taxes (kwijtschelding) there are a couple of conditions, like:

⇒ A low income (minimum income)
⇒ No saving money
⇒ No accommodation that you have bought
⇒ No vehicle (like a car or motor) that is worth more than €2269,-

Do you not have to pay these taxes? And do you not move out of Nijmegen? Then you can also receive a small amount of extra money on your bank account. With this money you can pay the red or green garbage bags at supermarkets. You do not have to do anything to receive this small budget.

Apply for 'Kwijtschelding'

You can apply for a permission for ‘kwijtschelding’ of your taxes with your DigiD at MijnBSR.  Or call: 0344-704704.

Need Help?

Visit the local helpdesk STIP in your neighbourhood

It can take long before you will hear if your 'kwijtschelding' is accepted.