Free Library Card

Do you like to read? And do you want to borrow books? Then you can go to the library in Nijmegen. At the library you can borrow books with a card. When your income is low, you can get a free library card.

Free Library Card?

⇒  Kids under the age of 18 can get a free library card at the library desk. You can apply for a free library card here (in Dutch).

⇒  Are you 19 years or older? And do you have a low income? You can get a free library card for 3 years with the Meedoen-regeling. This is a budget from the municipality to participate by joining a sportsclub or a training, even if you do not have a lot of money.

Meedoen-regeling (participation-budget)



⇒  See here if you can get a budget from the Meedoen-regeling for a library card (in Dutch)

Can you apply for the Meedoen regeling? And do you want to use the budget for a free library crad? You can do this in 3 steps:

1. Apply for the Meedoen-regeling at the municipality of Nijmegen. You have to do this before the 1st of July 2018.
Click on ‘regelen met DigiD’. Write on the form that you want to use the budget for a library card at the library in Nijmegen: Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid.
2. Did the municipality accept your application? Then you get a letter from the municipality. Save this letter.
3. Go to the library with the letter you got from the municipality. And ask for a free library card.

⇒  The Meedoen-regeling is not for students. When you are a student, you can borrow free books from the HAN library.
⇒  The Meedoen-regeling has a budget of 150 euro per person each year. When you ask for a library card with the Meedoen-regeling, they give you a card for 3 years. This costs 150 euro. So your budget from the Meedoen-regeling is fully used for this year. You can not use it for other trainings or sports this year.
⇒  Want to know more about the Meedoen-regeling for sports or a training? Read about it here.

Did you know that..

⇒ The library in Nijmegen has books in different languages. Like English, French and some Arabic books. You can check their collection at their website (in Dutch).
⇒ You go to the library to read books in the library, without a library card.
⇒ You can also borrow CDs and DVDs.

Bibliotheken in Nijmegen

⇒  See here the location and openingtimes of the libraries in Nijmegen.
⇒  Want to know about what more the library does? Take a look at their welcome-page, especially for newcomers in Nijmegen.