Inter-Lokaal | Help with Financial Problems

Het Inter-lokaal helps people with a low income in Nijmegen who have financial questions (money).

If your situation changes, it often has consequences for your income or expenses. For example when you marry, divorce, move house or get a child. Employees working at Het Inter-Lokaal can:

  • Look together with you at your income. Determine if it is enough to live from
  • Advice about expenses / balance income
  • Help with debts

Note: if you still have a contact person at VluchtelingenWerk available, speak to him or her first.

Het Inter-lokaal was founded in the ’70s of the last century to help immigrants. Still we work for people with diverse backgrounds. We lead several activities, in the areas of diversity, also for refugees.

For example:

  • Activities for youngsters at the international school: Pontemcollege (ISK)
  • Parental support
  • Educational activities for kids (4 up to and including12) in several asylum seeking centres and schools in the region
  • 3-year support to new status holders to check their path towards a succesful civic integration (in cooperation with Vluchtelingenwerk & Bureau Wijland)

More information about Het Inter-Lokaal you will find on this website.