Zorgtoeslag | Money for Health Insurance

Health insurance is expensive, especially if you have a low income. That is why the Dutch government provides people with a low income with a small amount of money that contributes to the costs of health insurance. This is called: zorgtoeslag.

Most of the time VWN already applied for the zorgtoeslag for you. If you need again to apply for the zorgtoeslag you need to:

⇒ Be 18 years or older
⇒ Have a Dutch health insurance
⇒ Have a residence permit
⇒ Have a low income

Who can receive Zorgtoeslag?

The maximum income one can earn to still get healthcare allowance depends on your household situation:

⇒ A single person: per year max. €27.857 (2017)
⇒ A person with a partner officially living together: per year max. €35.116

Also your savings and shares must be below:

⇒ €107.752 for individuals
⇒ €132.752 for partners

How much Zorgtoeslag will I Receive?

How much money you will receive depends on how much income you have. The more income you get, the smaller the amount of money you will receive.

You can calculate the amount of zorgtoeslag through this website if the tax service

You can estimate the amount of zorgtoeslag through this link

Zorgtoeslag: How to Apply and Change

Most of the time VWN asked for zorgtoeslag for you. If your income changes, you have to adapt your income through the website ‘Mijn toeslagen’ (log on with DigiD). In this case you prevent to have to pay back toeslag later.

You can apply for zorgtoeslag through the DigiD-website. Here you go to ‘Mijn toeslagen’. There you find the option to apply for zorgtoeslag.

⇒ Mijn toeslagen.nl

You can apply at any moment for zorgtoeslag for the coming months of the year. If you want to get the zorgtoeslag for the year before, you should apply before 1 September the following year.

If VWN applies or changes the toeslag for you, the execution most of the time goes faster.